Style Changes.

I used to be a strictly dresses and tights kinda girl - if I was feeling adventurous, I might go with shorts and tights - but never jeans or trousers for that matter. I didn't actually own any jeans, trousers, or even trainers. I just didn't feel like myself in them.

However, over the past few months, I've changed, as people do - and I felt myself feel envious of girls who could pull off wearing a pair of jeans and a tee, and look so, effortlessly cool. I started noticed those rocking a more casual look, in fact,  everyone looked good in jeans.

So why couldn't I?
It was a time for a change, so slowly I've been introducing more casual items into my wardrobe, and I'm loving experimenting with styling my clothes more, now I've got more options. I first introduced these boyfriend fit jeans. Although I thought they looked great, I also felt super paranoid wearing them, but as so as I realise nobody was staring at me and knew I spent half of my life being a spokesperson for skirts and dresses, I just felt good. A change felt good.

More and more I've been embracing this new side to my wardrobe and exploring how I can style, jeans, trousers, trainers and all of the great pieces I avoided for so long.

Not only has it rescued me from my fashion rut, it's also made me realise how much we change, and you should be okay with being a different person to who you were yesterday.

Tops (Pull and Bear)
Jeans (Topshop)
Belt (Topshop)
Bag (Coach)
Jacket (Topshop - can't find online but a recent purchase)
Shoes (Adidas)
Glasses (Tom Ford)
Lipstick (Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Phone Case (Coconut Lane - 20% off entire website with the code chloeharriets)

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